About us


A cooperation offered to small, medium and large companies that provides financial savings, with excellent quality products and services, created by people with disabilities.


To become a synonym for a socially responsible brand in Serbia, known for its wide range of products, with the motto: “One supplier is enough”.


Cooperation with employers in the market of Serbia and beyond, for the purpose of regulating the legal obligation to employ persons with disabilities while significantly reducing costs.

Misija - Mission
Vizija - Vision
Cilj - Purpose
Vrednosti -Values



We are all equal, no matter how different we are. Equal opportunities for all are the key to a complementary team.


Each employee works and functions in his own way. At different moments, each of us needs additional energy, motivation and support what will remind us of the meaning of what we do every day through work tasks and after. We are here to understand each other..

Social Responsibility

We want to be an example of good practice and to make our voice heard far and wide. We work to raise awareness in our community about the importance of being socially responsible, to reduce prejudice and promote equal opportunities for all.


We know how to listen to our customers, not just to hear them. We strive to understand and meet their needs and commit to making our products as adaptable and flexible as possible. Together we create open and genuine partnerships. Its open the way for unique solutions that allow us to meet our challenges.

Continuous Commitment

The wish to learn new skills and knowledge. We are aware that innovation and an innovative culture are the key success factors. That’s why we work hard to accept new challenges and improve our skills.

Keeping Promises

Respecting the agreed delivery dates, delivery of products and services are a special value for us. Customers can always rely on our reliability and conscientiousness. A fulfilled promise is highly valued in the market.

SDPS d.o.o. (l.l.c.) is a company for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities with headquarters in Belgrade. It was founded in 2015.

We are a company engaged in the production and provision of services, the development of which we are continuously working on. At the very beginning, we started providing office services and the production of polyethylene bags, with only 7 employees.
Already in 2017, the company begins to grow in all fields.
In the same year, we expanded our range of services to include graphic design, prepress, printing and production of thermal rolls. In addition to the expansion of the assortment, we have also expanded our valuable team, as well as the network of clients and employers, which include leading domestic and foreign companies with whom we have excellent cooperation.

In the meantime, we have completed the offer of services for repackaging and printing of textile products, and recently we have included in our offer the creation and maintenance of web sites (internet presentation).
By working hard and hiring the right people, we took advantage of the business opportunities that came our way, so that our range of products and services expanded to the production of stretch film, chemicals and paper goods, and office printing services.
By acquiring the status of JPOA (Publicly recognized organizer of adult education activities – accredited by the Qualifications Agency), we created a Training Center for the improvement of business skills, which aims to provide knowledge that will ensure career progress, through various courses and trainings.

Through the quality of services and products we offer, the company has shown that it is possible to achieve great growth and expansion in a short period of time. So far, we have managed to provide all the necessary equipment, we need for quality production, as well as to provide our employees with modern conditions for work and productivity.

Today, our team consists of 40 employees, 80% of whom are persons with disabilities.

In addition to all that, we cooperate with several renowned companies in Serbia, which are also involved in the production of bags and printing, and with whom, through business -technical cooperation and the lease of part of the production capacities, we manage to comply with all the obligations undertaken, as well as to harmonize our business with the legal regulations that regulates the employment of persons with disabilities. In this way, we enable our customers to regulate the aforementioned obligation and thus achieve certain savings in business costs.
With dedication to customers, commitment to the development of quality products and services, we strive to become a leader in the Serbian market and social entrepreneurship and will continue to promote social integration and improve our capabilities in order to become recognizable as a reliable supplier, with the aim of constantly developing.

Cooperation with us – Means Savings

Socially responsible behavior is at the heart of our company’s long-term sustainable development strategy.

We are aware of our responsibility as a business entity to employ around 40 people from the harder – to – employ category, and we hope that this number will grow in the coming period. With an extremely extensive network of business partners and other interested parties, we have so far shown that we are innovative, successful and that we constantly strive for further development because:

  • we invest in employees’ knowledge and improving their skills,
  • we are aware of the need to ensure quality working conditions,
  • we encourage the creativity and innovation of our employees, who can make a significant contribution to the successful development of the company and be rewarded for their good suggestions, inventions and improvements;
  • we are a socially responsible company, which constantly inspires and expands the development of the environment in which it operates;
  • we offer competitive employment conditions, which ultimately leads to career advancement.

We are an employer that promotes social responsibility through social inclusion and professional rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, inviting all other employers to join us and achieve savings in their business.

In that name we offer every employer the opportunity and interest in business cooperation with us, in accordance with the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities. This Law obliges every employer, regardless of the form of ownership and property, to regulate the obligation to employ persons with disabilities for every 20 employees in one of the three offered ways:

  1. By employing people with disabilities (what is not always feasible due to the nature of the work).
  2. By establishing business – technical cooperation with a company like ours is, and above all, by realizing turnover, in the calculation period of one year, in the amount of 20 average gross personal incomes at the level of the Republic of Serbia for one person with disabilities.
  3. By paying a penalty – a monthly payment in the amount of half of the gross personal income in the Republic of Serbia for one person with a disability

In practice, this means that an employer who does not employ persons with disabilities in accordance with Article 24 of the aforementioned law fulfills his legal obligation on a monthly basis by paying a penalty for each person with disabilities he did not employ, in the amount of 50% of the average salary in the Republic of Serbia according to the last published data.

Also, the employer, in accordance with the mentioned law, can fulfill the obligation of employing persons with disabilities and the fulfillment of financial obligations from the contract on business and technical cooperation with a company for professional rehabilitation and employment such as ours. In this way, the employer is freed from the obligation to employ a person with a disability, as well as from the obligation to pay a penalty. This means that if the employer decides to settle its obligation to employ persons with disabilities by achieving turnover in a certain amount through the purchase of products or services at market prices from companies for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities such as SDPS, it achieves savings of approximately 36%.

Reserved public procurement

Reserved public procurement is a public procurement procedure in which only institutions, organizations, associations or economic entities that do the work training, vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities can participate, in the case that those persons make up at least 30% of employees. Also, all participants in the joint offer and all subcontractors must be from the specified group. (Law on Public Procurement Article 37).

SDPS d.o.o. (l.l.c.) as a company for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement has the opportunity to participate in the procedure of reserved public procurement and present its range of products and services, which may be of public importance on the public market.


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