Training center

The Training Center for the Development of Business Skills was created with the aim to provide educational services in the field of business to all individuals and legal entities who want to provide the knowledge, necessary for career growth and continuous business productivity.

In our training center we offer various types of education and training, dedicated to business topics such as business negotiations, sales, foreign languages education, communication, team work and how to solve the communication problems, as well as improvement of managements skills. The training center is equipped with modern equipment, new furniture and it is suitable for people with disabilities.

All educations are conducted by experienced and competent teachers who provide students with tools that they can use on their way to becoming professionals.

Trainings are conducted in a group and are designed to meet the requirements of participants. The duration of educations and trainings varies from topic to topic, and the training time is on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m.

Trainings are intended for companies and individuals, and can be conducted in our training center or online. All trainings were approved by the Center for Accreditation of Publicly Recognized Organizers of Adult Education Activities, and after completing the training, participants receive a certificate of completed training.

By choosing to use the services and areas of training and education, firms and companies with more than 20 employees get the opportunity to release the financial obligations from the contract on business and technical cooperation, which you can learn more about in the section on cooperation with us.

Education offered:

  1. English language (levels A1, A2, B1, B2)
  2. Business negotiation
  3. Prevention of burnout syndrome
  4. Assertive communication

Our company also offers training programs intended for persons with disabilities in order to requalify and retraining, after which the trained persons are trained to work in the open market or in our company. All training programs have permission to conduct events and activities for vocational rehabilitation by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs.

1. Basic bookbinding finishing techniques

2. Product packaging

3. Web design

4. Plastics recycling

5. Business Secretary

6. Training in the preparation and formatting of graphic products