Synthetic paper – butcher

Butcher’s paper is a product used in butchers and supermarkets for food products packaging. It is used for packing and storing meat and meat products, as well as cheeses, pastries, burek (cheese pie), etc. Synthetic butcher’s paper is plasticized on one side, which means that it does not let grease and moisture in, and preserves the freshness and longevity of your food products. On the other hand, butcher’s paper is produced from high-gloss paper, which enables high-quality printing with your logo or desired design, which will meet the expected standards. As with all products, it is important that the print is high-quality, long-lasting and neat, because it contributes to a better appearance of both the product itself and the brand. That is why it is important that the design meets the criteria, which depend on the product itself and the printing material.

Our standard dimension in the production of synthetic butcher paper is 300 x 500 mm, and the minimum order quantity is 10 kg.

The price depends on the ordered quantity, which also applies to all other types of printing. After ordering the product, delivery is made within 5-7 working days. For all other information, you can contact us and we will do our best to solve your doubts. Make sure of the quality and keep your products fresh.