Printing on lighters is another form of successful advertising what allows you to identify better the brand. Standard lighters have a large enough surface on which you can print all the necessary information about the company, such as contact, address, website and email. Printing on lighters implements a common goal, but also the purpose of advertising, where the lighter can serve as an imitation of a business card. Printing on lighters is an inexpensive investment, so double-sided printing gives a double effect, i.e. more attention. The type of printing can be screen, buffer and laser engraving, which also depends on the type of lighter. Here you can find several types of lighters, such as plastic, metal and zippo lighters. Together with appropriate design and perfect quality, they make a unique offer when it comes to advertising your brand, whether it is a small, medium or large company. We also use lighters as promotional gifts for business associates and clients, who use them on a daily basis to spread advertising on every corner. As lighters have a multi-purpose function, the use of promotional lighters shows great growth, as manufacturers, by adding unique advertising and introducing innovations in design, adapt lighters more and more to other valuable personal items of users.