Advertising or promo mugs are a part of advertising material that is often used. Mugs are a practical product when it comes to advertising because they are suitable for all ages, occasions and conditions. It doesn’t matter if they are used for coffee, tea, juice, or any other beverage. They are suitable for various occasions, so there is a reason to get them on the list of advertising products of your company as soon as possible, because they can easily be found in the hands of the right client. What is also of great importance and of course will certainly not remain unnoticed, is, that you personally give someone a cup – as a sign of good current or future cooperation, both yours and your business partners’. In any case, whatever type of promotion you choose, you have the opportunity to choose a variety of cups, i.e. cups of different sizes, materials and shapes. All types of cups are printable and therefore contribute to the appearance of your brand. The recommended type of printing depends on the type of mug, but often the recommended types of printing are buffer, sublimation and applicator. As for the appearance of the cup itself, you first need is to choose the size and shape of the cup, depending on its purpose, here you can find standard cups for coffee, espresso, tea, thermal cups that keep the drink warm, magic cups that please everyone from 7-77, a set of mugs and others. When we are talking about the material they are made of, cups can be ceramic, porcelain and luminarc. In any case, choose a mug according to your taste and suggest your idea or let our team of experts design it the way that is best for you.