Bags of Natron – Kraft

Kraft bags are most often made of 40 g. ribbed kraft paper in natural (kraft) or white color. Printing with raster rollers enables us to print in flexo technique up to three colors in one pass. Kraft bags are widely used for food packaging products in bakeries, fast food establishments, pharmacies, catering establishments, restourants, snack bars, health food stores, etc. Our promotional kraft bags are 100% biodegradable and therefore minimally pollute the environment. As with other products, kraft bags can be made with or without printing, which depends on the client’s wishes. They are produced from several types of materials in a wide range of sizes. With our team headed by a graphic designer, you can create a unique design that will attract attention and decorate bags in a simple and convenient way. In addition to its main packaging function, kraft bags are widely used to advertise products, brands, companies, etc. The appearance of the design is very important, because every design with its appearance carries with it responsibility, that is, the possibility of more consumption of the product, and therefore greater income. Here you can get high-quality products and printing with a large selection of bag sizes, both in brown and white.

Check out our production program, and if you do not find a suitable type of paper bags for your needs in our standard offer, contact us to find the best solution for paper packaging together.