Calendars belong to the promotional product program. That’s why the calendar is an exceptional advertisement that will be in front of your associates eyes 365 days a year. Calendars are cheap promotional material that, in addition to their basic function and decorating the space, promotes your brand in a very simple way at all times. We offer you various printing options and a unique look with which your brand will decorate any wall or table. Calendars are made in different sizes and formats, mostly on kunstbook paper of different weights. The standard way of binding is a metal spiral or perforated sheets. The most common type of printing is a screen printing, but it can also be digital if necessary. The choice of calendar varies from simple ones to full-color for a stronger and brighter impression. Every advertising calendar should contain information containing the company’s logo, contact, address, e-mail, website and company activities. Calendars can be printed with different motifs such as nature motifs, cars, holidays, animals and anything you can think of, on one or more sheets. It’s up to you to decide whether it will be a wall or desk calendar that will decorate someone’s wall or desk all year round. If you want to be different from the rest, we can create a calendar with a unique look, which will represent your products, and which will be designed by our professional team led by a graphic designer with many years of design experience. Or simply choose the calendar layout yourself, and we will design it according to your taste. We offer a large selection of wall, table, business, one-part and multi-part calendars, so don’t miss the opportunity and choose a unique design.