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Office paper

Office paper for all types of printers and photocopiers of different formats, colours (pastel and intensive), thickness (grammage). Various world manufacturers.


Envelopes are a paper product that serves as packaging to the papers and larger format documentation. In addition to hiding the contents of the shipment, they are excellent as advertising material, because they are a common type of communication in both general and business communication. In addition to today's advanced digital technology, envelopes have managed to preserve their tradition in communication, so they are still an inevitable step in sending documentation of more or less importance. For that reason, the envelope has to be clean, neat, legibly addressed, but also pleasantly designed. Like business cards, envelopes can serve as an object that will leave a first impression on a potential client, associate, etc. That is why it is very important if the client decides to have the envelope designed, it will be a cultural, simple, but impressive design, which will provide information such as the name, contact and address of the sender.
Envelopes are made in different dimensions, which can be with or without windows, on the left or right side, with and without printing, for automatic insertion, etc. At the client's request, envelopes can be printed in full colour. If they are standard envelopes, they are certainly most often printed by offset printing. Depending on the circulation and printing colour of the envelope, digital printing can also be used. After ordering the product, delivery is made in 5-7 working days. For all other information you can contact us at any time.

Continuous-form paper and forms

Continous-form paper, invoices, various forms, memos, delivery notes, bookmaker tickets, bus tickets. All standard dimensions and number of copies, from unique to 6 copies. There is a possibility of making non-standard dimensions. Prints up to 6 colors.

  • 120 x 12"
  • 240 x 8"
  • 240 x 12"
  • 305 x 8"
  • 321 x 8"
  • 321 x 12"
  • 380 x 12"
  • 420 x 12"

Mechanography envelopes on continuous-form paper

PIN envelopes for bank cards, envelopes for checks, payrolls and envelopes for payroll, envelopes for lottery tickets, check specifications…


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