Legal benefits

(reduction of operating costs)

Illustrative example of an offer with the effect of a business-technical cooperation agreement

According to the article 27 of the Law on professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, on each realized RSD 1,498,233.33 without VAT, company saves RSD 539,364.00 in the next year by not paying penalties, which means savings 36%.
Article Quantity Unit of measure Contract price effect (RSD) Effect (%) VAT (%) Invoiced price (RSD)
An item from our assortment 100,00 pcs 6,4 36 20 10
Price excluding VAT 10
Contract effect 3,6
Goods value including savings 6,4
Based on the last published data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics (RZS) from May 25th 2021. the monthly obligation to regulate the legal obligation to employ 1 person with a disability is RSD 44,947.00, or RSD 539,364.00 at the annual level. The value of the contract is calculated as the amount of 20 average gross salaries in RS - RSD 89,894.00 x 20 = RSD 1,797,880.00 with VAT. Realized turnover with our company from RSD 1,498,233.33 without VAT, regulate the obligation to employ one person with a disability in the next 12 months and reduce business costs by RSD 539,364.00. This savings of 36% we calculate as the ratio of unpaid penalties RSD 539,364.00, and the value of realized turnover RSD 1,498,233.33 without VAT.

Each company that employs 20 or more people has a legal obligation for every 20, 50, 100, 150... etc. employees, to employ one person with a disability. For example, a firm of 100 employees must employ at least 3 persons with disabilities (PWDs).

The Law on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities envisages three ways of regulating the obligation to employ PWD in each company that has 20 or more employees:

  1. Employment of persons with disabilities (which due to the nature of work is not always feasible)
  2. Establishment of business and technical cooperation with a company such as ours and, above all, the realization of turnover, in the accounting period of one year, in the amount of 20 average gross salaries at the level of the Republic of Serbia, which according to the latest published data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia is 1,797,880.00 RSD with VAT, for one person with disability
  3. Payment of penalties - monthly payment in the amount of half of the gross personal income in the Republic of Serbia for one person with a disability, which amounts to RSD 44,947.00 per month or RSD 456,336.00 per year (according to the data of the Republic Statistical Office from May 2021)

The essence of the advantages of cooperation with us is reflected in the fact that the company allocates certain funds every month for some consumables or services, but at the same time based on the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities pays penalties if there is no regulated obligation to employ persons with disabilities. By buying consumables and products from our range or using our services, the company gets the option of not paying penalties. It is understood that we deliver goods and services in the required quality and at prices that the company, in any case, allows undoubted savings in total cost.

About us

Our company, SDPS d.o.o. (limited liability company), was founded in September 2015 and by the Decision of the competent Ministry dated from 21st November 2016 became a company for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities (PWD).

About 80% of all our employees are people with disabilities.
The fact that among our clients are well known domestic and international companies is a confirmation of the quality of our products and services. Although most of us are colleagues with disabilities our contractual obligations are always fulfilled to the maximum.

We are a company engaged in the production and provision of services, the development of which we are constantly working on. In this way, in 2016, we started providing office services and the production of plastic bags, and in 2017 we expanded our offer to graphic design, prepress, as well as printing and production of thermal rolls. In the meantime, we have completed the offer of services for repackaging and textile products, and recently we have included in our offer the creation and maintenance of websites and thus expanded the range of our services to web design.

We cooperate with several well-known companies in Serbia in the field of bag and printing production. With our business and technical cooperation and leasing the part of production capacities, we manage to meet all obligations, as well as to harmonize our business with legislation governing employment of persons with disabilities. In this way, we enable our customers to regulate the mentioned obligation and thus achieve certain savings in operating costs.

In terms of all the above, we are able to make the following activities available to you:

  • Production of thermal rolls (for POS terminals, cash registers, NCR machines) and betting receipts
  • Production of biodegradable consumer bags of all types and dimensions
  • Paper bags production
  • Production of work suits, T-shirts, towels and bedding
  • Graphic design and prepress for all types of promo and office supplies
  • Printing - digital, offset, flexo
  • Web design - website creation and administration (site maintenance)
  • Branding interiors, exteriors, vehicles, as well as the production of advertising displays, stands and partitions (wooden, metal, glass, plexiglass)
  • Laser and CNC 3D processing of various materials

We offer an assortment of products (created and manufactured on the most modern equipment) and top quality services in which our well-trained employees are engaged, among whom a significant place is occupied by people with disabilities, in accordance with their abilities.