Stretch film – machine and manual

Strec folija

The stretch film we produce meets environmental requirements and meets the goals of every customer. It is used to provide maximum product protection with minimum packaging costs. It is ideal for palletizing all kinds of products such as food products, furniture, boxes, paper and all other goods suitable for transportation. Its role is to protect the goods from dirt, moisture and other harmful effects. Its main characteristic is the degree of stretchability, which directly affects consumption. Our foils have a high degree of extensibility, which is guaranteed to reduce the cost of stretching, and is therefore more economically profitable than others. In addition to a high degree of stretching, it is waterproof, has high transparency and is resistant to various other damages, which also affects the cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, stretch film can also be used in households for various needs. The stretch film we produce is made of recyclable materials, meets European standards and is suitable for use in various industries and households. In order to determine which foil best suits your needs, our professional team is at your disposal.