Pencils have been present in various forms since the first dynasty of ancient Egypt, while graphite pencils have appeared more recent. The pen is the most frequently used promotional product among all users. Chemical or graphite, plastic, metal or touch, marker, pen has become a part of our daily life. We use it on various occasions to write down important details and ideas, expand knowledge, and also in communication with others. There are various curiosities associated with pens, and one of them is that in 95% cases, if a person is given a pen, the first thing he will write with it, is his name. Different printing techniques can be used on pens, such as screen, pad, digital, laser engraving and all this depending on the type of pen. Regardless of the appearance of the pen itself, which can vary from interesting and childish to business and professional, it is important that the pen is of good quality, that it does not allow too much ink, that it leaves nice and legible traces of writing, that it is comfortable to hold and it is not too heavy. Each pen has enough surface area to print the company’s logo and even the contact information on it, so that, when it is given to a client or colleague, it also serves as a reminder of the company from which it comes.