Paper bags with a handle

Paper bags with a handle are usually made of 40 g. ribbed natron paper of natural color (natron) or in white, from standard sizes to very small or very large. Currently, standard sizes are most in demand: 45 X 37 cm. Paper bags with a handle are an advertising material that has a wide purpose. They are used as bags for shops, boutiques, health food stores and souvenir shops, as well as for large stores and hotel chains. Biodegradable paper bags, in addition to protecting our environment, are ideal for advertising campaigns and printing your company’s logo. They are characterized by practicality, lightness and durability. In addition to their basic purpose, paper bags with a handle serve best as advertising material, due to its ideal surface, which is suitable for any conceived idea of printing a logo, contact, address, etc. With our team led by a graphic designer, you can expect or create a unique design that will attract attention and decorate bags in a simple and convenient way. They are the most practical – both for wearing and for promotional purposes, because they look simple and practical even without the print, while the print gives them a unique look.

We can offer you:

White paper bags with handle

Natron (Kraft) paper bags with handle