Menu and drink cards

The menu is the first material that the customer encounters in your restaurant, bar, cafe, pizzeria and other catering establishments, which leaves the first impression even before the customer meets the food and drinks that you offer. Although it is not seen as advertising material, the menu is exactly that, because its appearance creates an impression of your restaurant/café, and gives it a unique look of your business, as well as communication with customers. If the menu convinces the customer to try more food or drinks, your profit and turnover will be higher, and this is what everyone is striving for. The menu is also used at weddings, parties, birthdays and other celebrations. That’s why every menu should be clearly written, contain information about food and drink, weight, price and has to be of high quality. Depending on the offer, the menu may be small or contain up to several dozen pages. The most important thing is that it does not lose its purpose of choosing a food or drink, so it is desirable that the design is simple and beautiful, so that it does not distract attention from ordering.
The design should include your logo and contact form with possible background graphics. Menu printing and drink card printing are mainly done by offset printing and digital printing. Laser engraving is often used as well as screen printing when it comes to specific requirements. Menus are made in different sizes, according to the client’s wishes.