Envelopes are a paper product that serves as packaging for papers and documentation of larger formats. In addition to hide the contents of the shipment, they are also excellent as advertising material, since they are a common form of communication – both in general and in business communication. In addition to today’s digital technologies, which have advanced significantly, envelopes have been able to preserve their traditions in communication, so they still represent an inevitable step when sending documentation of lesser or greater importance. That’s why the envelope should be clean, neat, legibly addressed, but at the same time pleasantly designed. Like business cards, envelopes can serve as an item that will make a first impression on a potential client, partner, etc. That is why it is very important that if the client decides that the envelope should be designed, it should be a cultured, simple, but also bright design, which will provide information such as the name, contact and address of the sender. Envelopes are made in different dimensions, which can be with or without a window, on the left or right side, with or without printing, for automatic addition, etc. At the request of the client, the envelopes can be printed in full color. If it is about standard envelopes, they are most often printed with offset printing. Depending on the circulation and colors for printing envelopes, digital printing can also be used.