What is reserved public procurement

Reserved public procurement is a procedure in which only institutions, organizations, associations or economic entities that do the work training, vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities can participate, in the case that those persons make up at least 30% of employees. Also, all participants in the joint bid and all subcontractors must be from the specified group (Law on Public Procurement Article 8).

SDPS d.o.o. (limited liability company) as a company for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement, has the opportunity to participate in the procedure of reserved public procurement and thus present its range of products and services, which may be of public importance on the public market.

In addition, cooperation with a company such as SDPS, or the purchase of these products or services, creates the possibility of facilitated cooperation. Such an option represents benefits in terms of reduced monetary cost for the purchased product or service.